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Before filling out the centre registration form below, please decide the category to which you are applying:

I.S.K.G.A Registered Centers

An I.S.K.G.A Registered centre, means that the business advertising on their web page is using this website for advertising purposes only. That they have registered themselves with the I.S.K.G.A but that the business has not been trained, approved or observed by any individual within I.S.K.G.A – in any way. The information within Registered Centre pages, will not have been validated by any individual within I.S.K.G.A and is portrayed only for the purpose of supporting the profile of your business.

 The cost to register your centre with ISKGA is a £200.00 (annual fee).

I.S.K.G.A Authorised Centres

If you wish to become an I.S.K.G.A Authorised Centre, which is a centre that has been inspected by members of the I.S.K.G.A technical committee and will have been approved as an I.S.K.G.A Training & Expedition Centre.

An I.S.K.G.A Authorised Centre will be able to run a variety of I.S.K.G.A Modules or wilderness expeditions utilising Trainers & guides who have completed the I.S.K.G.A guide training or have been approved as being at the appropriate level.

The I.S.K.G.A Authorised Centre may also provide the full six week guide training programme for sea kayakers wishing to ‘Fast Track’ into the world of commercial sea kayak guiding.

As an authorised centre you will be able to use the ISKGA logo for marketing purposes etc. An ISKGA Authorised centre must employ at least one ISKGA full time guide at the appropriate level for the courses and expeditions that they offer through that centre.

The cost to become an authorised centre with ISKGA is £400.00 (annual fee).

If you wish to become an ISKGA authorised centre please contact jeff@iskga.com before filling out the registration form.

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