Centre Name: Wannado
Description: We are a centre offering sea kayak tours, expeditions, courses and workshops for all levels of sea kayakers.
We are located at Tromøy/Arendal in southern Norway. The centre also offer other activitie such as high ropes course and team building for different groups.
Address: Skarestrand 11
Kongshavn N-4812
Email: roar@wannado.no
Website: www.wannado.no
Courses offered: Beginners course, sea kayaking techniques, sea kayak activity leader, workshops containing sea safety and incident management.
Expeditions offered: Lighthouse to lighthouse along the coast of southern Norway. A coastal journey with accommodations in the buildings of the lighthouses.
East Greenland: Kayaking in the fjords of East Greenland, camping along the fjord. Icebergs, seals and wales.
Services offered: Kayak rental, Equipment rental, Accommodation, Changing/showers, Parking, Tours, Expeditions, Courses
Staff: 1