ISKGA Modules

ISKGA has developed a range of training modules and enhancement courses to benefit commercial sea kayak guides. These modules are the building blocks to becoming either an ISKGA Coastal or Advanced guide. The modules can be completed through either with an Authorised Centre or over a period of time with a number of Module Providers.

The modules below are the prerequisites to becoming either a ISKGA Coastal or Advanced Guide.


Generic ModulesMinimum DurationDetails
Incident Management4 DaysA training course to help you manage a variety of incidents at sea effectively.
Sea Survival1-2 DayTraining in sea survival including the use of signalling equipment and life rafts.
Coaching2 daysCoaching while guiding groups on the sea.
Expedition Skills2-3 daysLighting fires, building shelter, foraging for food, camp craft and more.
First AidVariesIt is the responsibility of the guide to ensure that the level of training and certification he or she gains is appropriate to the environment they operate in and the type of trips and clients that they are leading.

For more information on first aid requirements click here.


To become an ISKGA Coastal guide you must complete the following as well as the Generic modules.

Coastal ModulesMinimum DurationDescription
Coastal Skills2 DaysRolling, Surfing, Rescues in intermediate conditions.
Coastal Leadership2 DaysLeadership in an intermediate environment.
Coastal Planning1 DayPlanning trips in an intermediate environment.


To become an ISKGA Advanced guide you must complete the following  as well as the generic modules.

Advanced ModulesMinimum DurationDescription
Advanced Skills3-5 DaysRescues, Rolling, Surfing and general boat handling in advanced conditions.
Advanced leadership2 DaysLeadership in advanced conditions.
Advanced Planning1 DayPlanning in advanced tidal environments.

ISKGA Sea Kayaking Fundamentals:

ISKGA Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Levels are a pathway of progressions for those who are new to sea kayaking and for those participants wishing to develop skills so that they can undertake multi-day expeditions. They also represent the prerequisites for moving towards becoming a sea kayak guide.

  • Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Level One
  • Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Level Two
  • Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Level Three

ISKGA Coastal or Advanced Guide – Generic Syllabi:

ISKGA Coastal Guide – Course Syllabi:

  • Coastal Skills
  • Coastal Leadership
  • Coastal Planning

ISKGA Advanced Guide – Course Syllabi:

ISKGA Environmental Modules

ISKGA Environmental Modules have been designed to increase a guide’s experience and knowledge in a variety of different environments. At present these modules include Paddling in Ice, Hostile Environments, working with the environment and Winter Skills and survival .

These are stand alone courses and are not part of the core guide programme. It is recommended that before an ISKGA guide leads commercial groups in any of the below environments a guide seeks to gain knowledge and experience of that environment. We recommend a guide contacts the specified Module Provider to book onto a course with them or for technical advice in these areas.

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Dates and venues for ISKGA Coastal & Advanced Observations: