Advanced Planning & Navigation

Module: Advanced Planning & Navigation

Training duration: 1 day

Description:  The aim of this one-day programme is to give participants the necessary tools and tactics to plan and navigate effectively on open water crossings and multi-day expeditions in advanced ocean conditions.

This module will look at the different navigational systems that exist around the world that a guide may encounter, in order that they are able to understand the requirements for the areas in which they will be leading others.

This course forms part of the ISKGA Advanced Guide development pathway.

Syllabus Notes
  • Synoptic Charts
  • Frontal Systems
  • Sea Breezes
  • Katabatic Winds
  • Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons
  • Marine Forecasts
  • Barometers
  • Fog
  • Scales of Measuring Wind Strength
  • Swell forecasting and the effects of swell on the coastal environment
Tides & Currents:
  • The Rules: Twelfths; Thirds & 50/90
  • Pilots
  • Tidal Diamonds
  • Tidal Stream Atlases
  • Tidal Constants
  • Ocean Currents
Charts and maps:
  • IALA ‘A’ & IALA ‘B’
  • Identify chart features: Depths, drying heights, buoyage, cardinal marks, lights, over-falls
  • Identify map features and combining charts & Maps
  • Measuring distance
  • Calculate bearings
  • Understand magnetic variation
  • Positioning on maps and charts
  • Tidal gate planning
  • Methods to plan a crossing: Vectors, Timings, Transits
  • Day planning sheets
  • Multiday planning
  • Meteorological effects on tidal waters
  • Methods of position fixing: Triangulation, GPS, stroke measuring, timing, ready reckoning.
Expedition Logistics:
  • Plan options for camp locations
  • Re supply planning
  • Transport logistics