ISKGA Modules

ISKGA has developed a range of training modules and enhancement courses to benefit commercial sea kayak guides. These modules are the building blocks to becoming either an ISKGA Coastal or Advanced guide. The modules can be completed through either with an Authorised Centre or over a period of time with a number of Module Providers.

The modules below are the prerequisites to becoming either a ISKGA Coastal or Advanced Guide.


Generic Modules Minimum Duration Details
Incident Management 4 Days A training course to help you manage a variety of incidents at sea effectively.
Sea Survival 1-2 Day Training in sea survival including the use of signalling equipment and life rafts.
Coaching 2 days Coaching while guiding groups on the sea.
Expedition Skills 2-3 days Lighting fires, building shelter, foraging for food, camp craft and more.
First Aid Varies It is the responsibility of the guide to ensure that the level of training and certification he or she gains is appropriate to the environment they operate in and the type of trips and clients that they are leading.