Greenland or Bust


Centre Name: Greenland or Bust

Our mission at Greenland or Bust is to promote and instruct sea kayaking through both traditional and contemporary techniques. We deliver presentations, instruction, rolling demonstrations, yoga for paddlers and overseas expeditions, along with BCU, ACA and ISKGA training programs.

Helen Tozer-Wilson and Mark Tozer are both accomplished paddlers, ISKGA Guides and frequent guest coaches at symposia and kayaking events around the world. Helen and Mark are based out of Northern California. Helen is internationally known for her rolling and traditional skills instruction, while Mark is equally recognized for his coaching credentials. They have over 30 years of combined coaching and leadership experience to offer their students.

Mark and Helen are also the organizers of the UK Storm Gathering and the Storm Gathering USA symposiums.

Address:  P.O. Box 4183, Arcata, CA  95518, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 707 834 5501

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Twitter: @greenlandorbust

Instagram: greenland_or_bust

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Courses offered:

Greenland or Bust provides a wide range of courses including Traditional Paddling & Greenland Rolling; Simplifying The Roll; Combat Rolling; Yoga for Paddler; Intermediate & Advanced Boat Handling Skills; Open Water Navigation; Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning; Incident Management; Expedition Skills; Sea Survival; and Coaching Skills with our current focus being on training ISKGA Coastal Guides.

Expeditions Offered:

Greenland or Bust offers expeditions to Greenland as well as European destinations such as Anglesey (Wales), Oban (Scotland), Bergen (Norway), Bohuslan (Sweden) and USA locations like Prince William Sound (Alaska).

Services offered:

BCU courses; ACA courses; ISKGA modules; ISKGA observations; Tours; Expeditions; Courses

Staff: 2

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Mark and Helen - Greenland or Bust

Helen and Mark – Greenland or Bust