Paul Cahill

paul cahill

ISKGA Status : Coastal Guide / Module Provider


ISKGA Technical Advisor


Advanced Paramedic , Firefighter, Wilderness First Aid Advanced Instructor

Paul has been involved in the emergency services and medical training for the last 20 years. Through 3 different emergency services he has worked at various levels of clinical competency from Emergency Medical Technician through Paramedic to Advanced Paramedic. He has worked in remote ambulance stations in the west of Ireland to busy city centre stations all around Ireland.

He is a level 5 Wilderness First Aid Instructor and has been teaching for the last 20 years all over Ireland and the UK. He has taken various wilderness medical programs including the Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician program.

He has had the privilege of paddling with Sea Kayak Cornwall all over the world from Alaska to Norway and of course in Cornwall itself. He enjoyed his time on the coastal guide program immensely and continues to work on his paddling skills. His role within ISKGA as medical technical adviser is to find out what the key medical challenges, that guides will face in their work all over the world.

He will research answers to those key questions and challenges with other experts in the relevant areas to bring the up to date information to guides so they can provide emergency medical care to their clients. Please contact Paul if you require any technical advice in regards to First Aid.

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Module Date Trainer/Assessor NGB qualification Document Provided Modules

Advanced guide observation

Advanced Skills
Advanced Planning
Advanced Leadership

Coastal guide observation

Jeff Allen/Simon Osborne Yes ISKGA Coastal Guide trained TICK2
Coastal Skills ISKGA Coastal guide training & BCU 4* Training TICK2
Coastal Planning BCU CNTP
ISKGA Coastal Planning
Coastal Leadership ISKGA coastal guide leadership training, BCU 4* Training TICK2

Generic Modules

Incident Management March 2013 Jeff Allen Yes ISKGA Incident Management TICK2
Sea Survival March 2013 Jeff Allen Yes ISKGA Sea Survival TICK2
VHF license March 2013 Yes UK
Food Hygiene  Yes
Coaching Feb 2013 Simon Osborne Yes ISKGA Coaching TICK2
First aid Yes TICK2
Environmental Modules
Paddling in Ice
Hostile Environments
Marine Environments
Tropical Waters