Jann Engstad

Jann Engstad

ISKGA status: Registered Guide


Nordland, Norway

‘Lofoten Aktiv AS’ was started under the name ‘Jann’s Adventure Lofoten’ in 1984. The firm is owned and operated by myself Jann Engstad.  I also uses local tour leaders and guides when needed. Good experiences and your safety is our main goal.

I have extensive experience with activities, tours and arrangements for individuals and groups with unique expertise in environmentally friendly outdoor activities. I am an instructor/coach and have been active in several activities and sports including: Norwegian Red Cross, sea kayaking, swimming, volleyball, disabled sports, Telemark (skiing), field hockey and cross country skiing.

All tours are led by local authorised tour leaders and guides. We are happy to provide great tips and give advice on what to do and where to go in Lofoten and Vesterålen. Our guides are born or have lived in Lofoten and they have a great knowledge of the areas we operate in and know many of the finest places, so they can give you the best experiences. We can make suggestions of what to do with guides, both for short day trips or extended overnight trips. We can help you plan your itinerary, activities and find places with good atmosphere for accommodation.

Our knowledge and love of Lofoten and its diversity of nature makes it easier for us to do our best to help you realise your dreams, goals and desires. We have a good network of contacts throughout Norway by being a participant in Norwegian Ecotourism and thus we can safely recommend some contacts when you have tried what we have to offer you and your business.


0047 99231100


Further information:

1. 1979 Only licensed member at Lofoten Islands of Norwegian Guide Federation (also IATM, WFTGA and NGC)
2. 1982 National Guard Private/ 14 days pr year until 1999
3. 1984 Heimevernet (National Guard) “Medic”-course
4. 1994 Only Norwegian receiver of WWF Arctic Programs “The Heidi Andresson Pilot Project Award”.
8. 1988 Vågan Folkehøgskole Photo course Black/White
9. 1989 Ottar Skog, Sortland Seakayak course
10. 1998 I was granted the award for “excellent work and dedicated participation in “Linking Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic”.
11. 1999 “1. runner-up” in 1999 for “excellent work and dedicated participation in “Linking Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic”.
11. 2001 NOLS, Leave No Trace Trainee course and assessment
12. 2002 NOLS, Leave No Trace Master training and assessment
15. 2003 BCU, British Canoe Union STAR3 Sea
16. 2003 BCU, British Canoe Union STAR4 Sea
17. 2008 Certified Ecotourism Norway, the first company to get this certification
18. 2011 Re-certified as Certified EcoTourism Norway
19. 2011 DPU, Danish Canoe Union EPP4 Sea kayaker
module date trainer assessor tick NGB qualification Document
Advanced guide observation
Advanced Skills 2005 BCU, British Canoe Union STAR5 Sea training/2011 BCU, British Canoe Union STAR5 Sea assessment
Advanced Planning  As Above
Advanced Leadership  As Above
Coastal guide observation
Coastal Skills  2001 Norwegian Canoe Union Activity leader kayak, 2002 Norwegian Canoe Union Instructor seakayak
Coastal Planning
Coastal Leadership  2009 BCU, British Canoe Union STAR4 Leader assessment
Generic Modules
Incident Management
Sea Survival
VHF license
Food Hygiene
Coaching  2002 BCU Level 2 coach/2003 BCU, British Canoe Union Level 3 Coach pending
First aid  1. 1976 Norwegian Red Cross Rescue 34 hours First aid course
2. 1976 Norwegian Red Cross Rescue Instructors course
Expedition Skills