Anders Richter Lindén

ISKGA Status : Advanced Guide (P) 

Location: Denmark

Avid sea paddler based in Copenhagen, Denmark. A profound love for the dynamic playground of the ocean is the driving force of my paddling – both professionally and on my own.

I love sharing my passion for kayaking and helping others find and develop their own passions within the sport. Whether it be flat water, big waves or telling stories around the campfire, I am inspired by the meeting between human and nature – and am looking forward to hopefully sharing this magic with you.

Paddling since 2008 and coaching since 2010, I have been fortunate enough to paddle 11 countries on three continents. Currently I am employed at Kayak Republic in Copenhagen as well as running my own company I always strive to develop my own paddling and to give as much back to the kayaking community as possible.




module date trainer assessor tick NGB qualification Document Provided Modules
Advanced guide observation
Advanced Skills  tick  BCU 5* Sea Yes
Advanced Planning  tick

BCU Open Water Navigation


Advanced Leadership  tick BCU 5* Sea Yes
Coastal guide observation
Coastal Skills  tick  BCU 4* Sea
Coastal Planning  tick BCU Coastal Navigation and Planning
Coastal Leadership  tick BCU 4* Sea
Generic Modules
Incident Management  Oct 2016  Jeff Allen  tick  ISKGA IM Course  Yes
Sea Survival  Oct 2016  Jeff Allen  tick  ISKGA Sea Survival  Yes
VHF license  tick  Yes Yes
Food Hygiene
Coaching  tick  DKF Level 2 coach (L3 trainee). Yes
First aid  tick  REC level 4  Icon-Document03-Blue
Expedition Skills  Oct 2016  Jeff Allen  tick  ISKGA Expedition Skills  Icon-Document03-Blue
Environmental Modules
Paddling in Ice
Marine Environment
Tropical Waters
Winter Skills & Survival