Kristoffer Vandbakk

Kristoffer Vandbakk

ISKGA Status : Coastal Guide

Location: Oslo Norway


Kristoffer has been paddling for 8 years He has been guiding all over Norway for the last 5 years. He specialises in exposed expeditions in the Lofoten islands, Northern Norway. He is based in Oslo and coaches a wide range of courses in that area.

Contact Details:


Tel: +47 980 52 748


module date trainer assessor tick NGB qualification Document Provided Modules
Advanced guide observation
 Advanced Skills  Simon Osborne  tick BC Advanced Leader training
Advanced Planning  Simon Osborne  tick BCU OWNTP
Coastal guide observation  Jeff Allen / Nick Arding, Ben Sherring  tick
Coastal Skills tick BCU 4*
Coastal Planning  tick BCU CNTP
Coastal Leadership  tick BCU 4*
Generic Modules
Incident Management  Jeff Allen  March 2018  tick {Incident Management}
Sea Survival  Lee Waters  March 2018  tick {Sea Survival}
VHF license  tick Yes
Food Hygiene Yes
Coaching  tick  NPF 3*
First aid  Paul Cahill  tick  WFR
Expedition Skills  Lee Waters March 2018 tick
Environmental Modules