Joe Leach


ISKGA Status :  Advanced Guide /Module Provider

Location : Cornwall, UK

Joe has been been paddling for fourteen years and coaching for around twelve. Having grown up in the Isle of Man, Sea Kayaking was an obvious discipline of paddlesport for Joe to fall into.

His earlier experiences in competitive fields namely Canoe Polo and Ultra Marathon kayaking, have shaped his vision of sea kayaking and he enjoys dovetailing these elements into his work as a guide and coach.

Joe draws heavily from his 2012 solo circumnavigation of Mainland Britain and 2015 solo circumnavigation of Ireland. These experiences affirmed his belief in practising real which is expressed in his delivery of incident management and rescue training.

Joe continues to learn from the coastal environment and from colleagues and students who he works with.

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module date trainer assessor tick NGB qualification Document Provided Modules
Advanced guide observation
Advanced Skills  tick {advanced skills} Yes TICK2
Advanced Planning  tick {advanced planning} Yes TICK2
Advanced Leadership  tick {advanced leadership} Yes TICK2
Coastal guide observation Yes
Coastal Skills tick {coastal skills}  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Coastal Planning  tick {Coastal planning}  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Coastal Leadership  tick {Coastal leadership}  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Generic Modules
Incident Management  tick {Incident Management} Yes
Sea Survival  tick {Sea Survival} Yes
VHF license  tick {VHF} Yes
Food Hygiene  tick  {food hygiene}  Icon-Document03-Blue
Coaching  tick {coaching} Yes
First aid  {first aid expires}  tick {First aid} Yes
Expedition Skills  tick {expedition skills} Yes
Environmental Modules 
Paddling In Ice
Hostile Environments
Marine Environments
Tropical Waters