Tony Hammock


Tony Hammock in Northshore Fuego

ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide / Module Provider

Oban, Scotland

43 years experience, sea, surf, river running, slalom, whitewater racing.
Club coach from 1986
Slalom paddler to div 1 during the 1970’s
WW racer to Div A in the 1980s
Founder member of two clubs
Chairman of two clubs in the 1990s
Sea kayak paddling trips and short expeditions in Alaska, Canada, USA, Japan, Norway, UK
Professional coach and guide since 2000
Founder and owner of Seafreedom Kayak since 2003

module date trainer assessor tick NGB qualification Document Provided Modules
Advanced guide observation
Advanced Skills  tick Inland 4 Star
Canoe 3 Star
BCU 5 Star Sea
Advanced Planning  tick OWNTP Yes TICK2
Advanced Leadership  tick BCU 5* Yes TICK2
Coastal guide observation
Coastal Skills  tick  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Coastal Planning  tick  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Coastal Leadership  tick  Icon-Document03-Blue TICK2
Generic Modules
Incident Management  tick Yes  TICK2
Sea Survival Yes
VHF license  tick Yes Yes
Food Hygiene  Icon-Document03-Blue
Coaching  tick BCU Level 3 Inland
BCU Level 5 Sea
First aid  tick Two day outdoor first aid Yes
Expedition Skills  tick Worked with Tom Pogson in Alaska to help lead expedition in Prince William sound
Own expeditions in:
Japan Oshima
Alaska PWS
Alaska Kennai Fijords
Norway Lofoten Islands
USA Maine
Extensive experience over 20 years of leading expeditions throughout the Hebrides and the Scottish coast
Yes  TICK2
Environmental Modules
Paddling in Ice
Hostile Environments
Tropical Waters
Marine Environments