Advanced Guides

Jeff Allen Advanced Guide / Trainer

Jeff Allen 

Founding Director of the ISKGA. ISKGA Status: Chairman ISKGA Advanced Guide / Principle Trainer  Sea Kayaking Cornwall, England. Jeff first started kayaking as a young lad in the Cub Scouts, then followed it on throughout his life, in the sea cadets, then the army, but it was seeing the graceful lines of a Valley Nordkap, laid out…
Nicholas Arding Advanced Guide / Trainer

Nicholas Arding 

Nick Arding ISKGA Status: U.K. Chairman ISKGA Advanced Guide,  Devon, England. I first started sea kayaking in 1986 but I have been paddling more seriously since 2007. I have kayaked throughout the UK and in Norway. This year I paddled from South Devon up the …
Peter Bray Advanced Guide / Trainer

Peter Bray 

Peter Bray   ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide / Module Provider Cornwall, UK I first started paddling at the age of 11, my first kayak was a canvas double sea kayak, which I paddled from Torpoint to Cawsand and back, this was not an auspicious …
Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs   ISKGA Status : Advanced Guide / Module Provider Location: Nottingham, England I have been fortunate enough to have trained, mentored and assessed many of today’s prestigious/prolific BCU Level 5 Sea Coaches, something which I continue to d…
Shaun Rodgers Advanced Guide / Trainer

Shaun Rodgers 

Shaun Rodgers ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide (P) England. Shaun loves guiding and this is instantly obvious when you see his enthusiasm for the sport. He has kayaked extensively around the world and has been based in the Mediterranean …


 Myles Farnbank

Myles Farnbank ISKGA Status : Advanced Guide / Module Provider  Location: Inverness, Scotland  Myles is  primarily a sea paddler and open boater, both personally and professionally, although white water and surf for fun from time to time. He is passionate a…
Ben Sherring

Ben Sherring

Ben Sherring ISKGA Status :Advanced Guide Location :Salcombe, Devon Ben has been paddling for 12 years, sea kayaking and surf kayaking. He has been guiding and coaching sea kayaking for the last 6 years. Ben own’s a sea kayak centre…
Lee Waters

Lee Waters

Lee Waters ISKGA Status :  Advanced Guide – Location: Cornwall and Devon.  Lee has been paddling on and off since the age of 15, initially it was mostly white water and some touring, he then joined the Royal Marines in the early 90’s and…


Stephen Miles

Stephen Miles ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide / Module Provider (P) Anglesey, Wales Module Date Trainer Assessor tick NGB qualification Document Provided Modules Advanced guide observation Advanced …
Duncan Greene Coastal Guide / Trainer

Duncan Greene 

Duncan Greene ISKGA Status : Advanced Guide Greene Adventures, Cumbria, England. I have been paddling since I was 16. living by the sea we spent much of our summers kayaking on the sea. I qualified as a Senior Instructor in 1986.  It is only in the last 5 years…
Tony Hammock Advanced Guide / Trainer

Tony Hammock 

Tony Hammock ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide /Module Provider (P) Oban, Scotland. 43 years experience, sea, surf, river running, slalom, whitewater racing. Club coach from 1986. Slalom paddler to Div 1 during the 1970’s. WW racer to Div A …
Joe Leach Advanced Guide / Trainer

Joe Leach 

Joe Leach ISKGA Status :  Advanced Guide / Module Provider (P)  Cornwall, England. I have been paddling for twelve years and coaching for around ten. Having grown up in the Isle of Man, Sea Kayaking was an obvious discipline of paddlesport to fall into …

Harry Whelan

Harry Whelan is based in the ‘City of London’ and as well as running his sea kayak tour based business ‘The London Kayak Company‘ on the River Thames, also advises I.S.K.G.A on all kayak based activities for the River Thames. Harry has been

James Stevenson Advanced Guide / Trainer

James Stevenson 

James Stevenson ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide (P) Anglesey, Wales. Adventure Elements specialise in first class Sea Kayaking courses and expeditions for all ages and abilities. We are passionate about paddling and the experience of being …
Andrew Howlett Advanced Guide

Andrew Howlett

Andrew Howlett ISKGA status: Advanced Guide Cornwall, England.  I currently work as a freelance outdoor instructor, Sea kayak guide and supply teacher. I have been working for Sea Kayak Cornwall…
Michael Alexander Advanced Guide

Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander ISKGA status: Advanced Guide South Wales. Mike comes from a mountaineering background and has undertaken expeditions all over the world including Alaska, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica and Morocco. His love of the sea led him towards sea kayaking …
Philip Clegg

Philip Clegg

Philip Clegg ISKGA Status: Advanced Guide (P)  Anglesea, Wales Philip Clegg owns and is the lead coach for Sea Kayaking Anglesey. He has lived and coached sea kayaking on Anglesey for over ten years. Phil is a skilled paddler, and his abilities…

Steve Macfarlane ISKGA status: Advanced Guide (P) Glenuig Inn, Scotland Now in 5th decade of paddling, including expeditions and sea-kayaking. Sea-kayak guide & coach based at Glenuig Inn, West Coast of Scotland

 Coastal Guides


  Stephen Fuller 

Stephen Fuller ISKGA Status: Coastal Guide / Module Provider Cornwall, Engalnd.   Stephen, who is a professional pastel artist and a paddler since childhood, first became a British Canoe Union Instructor in 1985.  He has paddled extensively …
Phil Keetley Coastal Guide / Trainer

 Phil Keetley

Phil Keetley ISKGA Status: Coastal Guide / Module Provider Argyll, Scotland. Living on the Argyll coast, Phil has a passion for the sea, wild landscapes and an outdoors lifestyle.  Phil trained with Sea Kayak Cornwall …
Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly has been involved in paddle sports from from 10 years of age. He is passionate about the outdoors and has made sharing this passion his career choice and has…

 Hefin Jones

Hefin Jones has been Sea Kayaking for 25 years, the last 19 years he has been Sea Kayaking in the military focusing on twin cockpit collapsible Kayaks. Hefin has paddled in most regions of the world, kayaking from the sea into large rivers and following the source up to the middle reach’s and back…..

Joe Shelverton Coastal Guide / Trainer

Joe Shelverton 

Joe Shelverton ISKGA Status: Coastal Guide / Module Provider Cornwall, England. Joe started paddling a teenager, spending the majority of his time in the WW environment. Moving to Cornwall in 2001 he discovered the world of Sea kayaking and was immediately …
Mark Roberts Coastal Guide / Trainer

Mark Roberts 

Mark Roberts ISKGA Status: Coastal Guide /Module Provider Cornwall, England.
Roddy McDowell

Roddy McDowell

Roddy McDowell ISKGA Status : Coastal Guide (P) Location: Isle of Bute , Scotland Roddy is qualified as BCU 5 Star Leader (Sea) and is a Level 4 Coach. He can assess BCU 1, 2 and 3 Star sea awards. His experience spans 30 years of sea kayaking …
Ian Prickett Coastal Guide / Trainer

Ian Prickett 

Ian Prickett ISKGA status: Coastal Guide Cornwall UK I have been kayaking from a young age and began coaching since 16 in my home town of Portsmouth.  I am a BCU Level 2 Coach and have completed the ISKGA Advanced …

James Roberts

James grew up in Cornwall with access to watersports on his doorstep.  He was able to experience a variety of outdoor sports with family and as part of school.  He shares a deep intimacy for the Cornish Coastline and loves to show people his home……..

James Parker

James Parker is an experienced ski mountaineer, sea kayaker and has worked in medicine for most of his career and is now a retired hospital consultant in oral surgery and holds a UIAA, IKAR ISMM UK diploma in mountain medicine .

Tom Thorpe

 Tom is a dedicated sea kayaker, specialising in fast sea kayaks (FSK) as well as guiding others in all aspects of ‘Play the Sea‘ – from rock gardening to the surf zone.