Expedition Pddler

National Training centre for ISKGA courses



Expedition Paddler has been running sea kayaking expeditions since 2010. Jeff Allen, the companies founder is also the founding director of ISKGA and Sea Kayaking Cornwall and has been expedition sea kayaking and guiding at a proffessional/commercial level since 2001 when he first started working as a sea kayaking coach at the Marine school in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Jeff is a National Trainer and is the course director for ISKGA Coastal and Advanced Guide Observations and along with a strong team of technical directors authored much of the ISKGA Syllabus which is based on realtime experiences gained over many years of combined outdoor experiences.

Expedition paddler runs guide training programs all over the world and when at home in Cornwall, runs most of the ISKGA programs through Sea Kayaking Cornwall.

These include:
ISKGA Advanced Guide
ISKGA Coastal Guide
ISKGA approved Incident management and sea safety course
ISKGA outdoor first aid approved courses
ISKGA Sea Survival
ISKGA Coastal Navigation
ISKGA Advanced Navigation
ISKGA Expedition Skills
ISKGA Fundamental Sea Kayaking Skills