Sea Kayaking Cornwall

Authorised Training centre for ISKGA courses

Stunning cliffs, beautiful golden beaches and a vast array of wildlife are just some of the many reasons to sea kayak /canoe in Cornwall. Based out of the historic port of Falmouth, we offer sea kayaking instruction and guided journeys to all levels of kayaker. The majestic Atlantic Ocean with beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular cliffs gives  us a natural playground for Sea Kayaking.

The owners of Sea Kayaking Cornwall, Jeff Allen, Simon Osborne and Shaun Rodgers are all incredibly experienced and enthusiastic about kayaking and are keen to show people just what captivates them so much. They are BCU qualified to the highest personal proficiency and leadership and have over 50 years of combined coaching experience to offer.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall offer a wide range of courses, including: Introduction to Sea Kayaking, INTROmediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Incident Management, and we also run a 6 week coastal and advanced Guide Training Programme following the ISKGA modular syllabus.

Sea Kayaking Cornwall offer trips and expeditions along the stunning Cornish coastline as well as to Isles of Scilly, Greece, Norway, Scotland, Iceland, Alaska and Brittany.

The annual Sea Kayaking Cornwall Symposium runs in October.

ISKGA Training courses:
ISKGA Advanced Guide
ISKGA Coastal Guide
ISKGA approved Incident management and rescue course
ISKGA outdoor first aid approved courses
ISKGA Sea Survival
ISKGA Coastal Navigation
ISKGA Advanced Navigation
ISKGA Expedition Skills
ISKGA Fundamental Sea Kayaking Skills