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The first time Anula sat in a kayak was when she was 6 years old. Since then kayaking has been an integral part of her life, with periods of higher and lower intensity. Anula made a move from white water to sea kayaking as a young adult and she has paddled in Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Croatia, Iceland and the UK.

Currently Anula is touring through New Zealand, taking the opportunity to explore the coastline and to meet other commercial guides and paddlers. Anula works as a commercial sea kayaking guide in Iceland, where she leads both day and multi-day trips on the West Coast of the island.

Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
I have been a lead and assistant guide throughout Iceland summer season 2017, leading groups up to 6 pax on my own or up to 16 pax with assistance
Advanced Planning
Advanced Skills

Coastal Guide Modules Passed

Coastal Guide Observation
Coastal Leadership
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
Expedition Skills
First Aid
Wilderness First Responder 10 day (80h) course with NOLS, including CPR and epinephrine auto-injector certificates
Food Hygene

Generic Modules Passed

Incident Management

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
VHF license

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