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David started to kayak at the age of 12 and was exposed to a variety of disciplines growing up. Polo, Whitewater and Surf were where he honed his skills in his early years on the West coast of Ireland. After taking a break from the sport for a few years while at University, he returned to kayaking with a ferocious appetite to seek new challenges and see where kayaking could take him. It now takes up most of him time both business and personal. . A guide, coach and athlete, he competes at a high level in multiple disciplines. From paddling raging whitewater rivers, surfing walls of Atlantic swell, to racing over incredibly long distances, David does it all. His passion for being on the water and commitment to pushing his boundaries make him the epitome of the “all round” kayaker.

A Canoeing Ireland Kayak Instructor in whitewater, surf and sea-kayaking, and ISKGA Coastal Guide, David is also a leave No Trace Trainer. A regular competitor at events all over Europe-he has kayaked in Italy, Slovenia, Malta, England, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Netherlands and Austria.

Whether it’s tackling Whitewater rivers, marathon racing around Europe or sea kayaking on the rugged Irish coast, David is always looking to grow as a paddler. In recent times he has found a passion for performance Sea Kayaking where he can combine elements of all his paddling experience. While David has amassed a considerable amount of water time and professional qualifications since his return to the sport, he feels that this is merely the start of a much greater journey.

Achievements include two top ten finishes in the Devizes to Westminster kayak race, crossings of the North Channel of the Irish Sea, Speed descent of the River Shannon & Record circumnavigations of Achill Island.

For the 2015/16 season David is working in Chile as a guide on the magnificent fjords and lakes of Patagonia.

Address: French Rd, Ballina, Mayo IRE1

Date of Birth: 22/12/1983


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Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
Advanced Planning
Advanced Coastal Navigation
Advanced Skills
Level 3 Instructor

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Coastal Guide Observation
Coastal Leadership
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
Expedition Skills
First Aid
Rescue Emegency Care Level 4
Food Hygene

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Incident Management

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
VHF license

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