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Gudni is the owner and lead guide of Sea KayakIceland. He has worked for various companies guiding and coaching for many years before deciding to start his own company, following his passion for paddle sport.

He took his first paddle stroke in 2011 at 23 years old.

Since then he has paddled in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Wales, Ireland, and the BritishSea. I am a certified Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (tidal) and ISKGA Guide and I have coached and assisted on sea kayaking symposiums in the UK and Iceland.

He has been leading groups around the most remote area of Iceland, Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, and the Glacier Fjords, since 2014.

In 2013 Gudni finished his solo circumnavigation of Iceland, which marked the accomplishment of my first big expedition, remembering it as the greatest of learning experiences, probably in his life and will be always grateful for this nature based learning opportunity.

During the expedition, he learned not only an awful lot about the sea and the weather systems but also plenty about himself.

In 2015 Gudni attempted to circumnavigate Ireland as a part of a 4-men team. In a small group dynamic, with so much knowledge and experience, communication became one of the greatest learning moments, both on and off the water. Since then he thrives to incorporate this into his work as a guide.

Gudni is a guide who is passionate about safety and also aims to make a group of unknown paddlers a very effective team, learning to make the best decisions together where they learn from each other which he believes amounts to an enriching and wholesome experience.

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