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Lee is a former Royal Marines Commando with a background of white water and Kayak marathon racing.

Lee has completed the gruelling Devizes to Westminster race four times, notably the last two with a triple amputee veteran and friend raising money for various charities.

The team of two also paddled as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee pageant on the Thames in Sea Kayaks, and this is where Lee believes his Sea Kayak obsession began.

Lee then paddled the English Channel as part of the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines and continues to support paddle sports in the military. Lee is an ISKGA Advanced Guide and is also a BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader as well as a level 3 Sea Kayak Coach, Personal Performance Provider and Sea Leader provider.

An ISKGA advocate he is a Subject Matter Expert for both the ‘Expedition Skills’ and ‘Sea Survival’ modules and has drawn on his specialist military experience and skills to deliver these areas of the ISKGA syllabus and is a keen forager.

A passionate wildlife enthusiast Lee is a strong advocate of the leave no trace policy and provides informative and fun alternative culinary and fire lighting experiences from a Sea Kayak.

Lee has guided on expeditions in Norway, France, Cyprus, and the UK

Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
Advanced Planning
Advanced Skills

Coastal Guide Modules Passed

Coastal Guide Observation
Coastal Leadership
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
Expedition Skills
First Aid
5th February 2023
Food Hygene

Generic Modules Passed

Incident Management

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
VHF license


59 Lutyens drive Paignton Devon TQ33LA

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