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Dr Lou Luddington is a marine biologist and aspirant BCU 5 star sea kayak leader based in Pembrokeshire, Wales. She runs wildlife focused sea kayak day trips and weekends as well as professional development courses for outdoor guides and instructors through her business Luddington Marine. Lou has worked in marine conservation for 20 years and has guided a range of outdoor activities too during that time. By combining inside knowledge of how these activities run with her sense of awe and enthusiasm for the natural world she is able to deliver relevant and focused workshops for outdoor guides.

Lou’s first experience of sea kayaking was on an expedition to the Scilly Isles as an A level biology student. Two decades later it is still her preferred means of getting to wild places. Living in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park provides back-yard paddling with the perfect mix of excitement, tranquillity and a wealth of wildlife. Beyond Pembrokeshire Lou has cherished memories of expeditions to the west coast of Scotland and British Columbia and trips along the coast of Galicia and Brittany.

Lou also writes a regular column for Ocean Paddler magazine called Seasonal Delights that focuses on marine and coastal life. Published articles have delved into the lives of starfish and their allies, highlighted the aggressive behaviour of sea anemones and shared memories of wildlife-induced sleepless nights whilst paddling amongst the Scottish Western Isles.

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