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Matt Skuse is a retired British Royal Marine Mountain Leader, now living in Norway.  Through his one man company MSV he guides and coaches sea kayak, open canoe, ski touring, winter survival and bush craft.  He started paddling as a marathon racer in the mid-1990s before moving into canoe and then sea kayak where he holds a BC 4 star and UKCC level 2 coach.  He is also an authority on maritime safety and survival; sits on the technical committee of the Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) and is the director of the Norwegian life boat association’s training academy.

Matt has delivered BC and NPF sea kayak courses since 2015 and he has accompanied Kristoffer Vandbakk on multiple guiding trips to the Lofoten Island and other exposed parts of the Norwegian coast.  He loves his camp craft and open fire cooking but has also done some speed trips, including a 630km race decent of the Yukon (in a double sea kayak) and a 8 day solo of the 530km from Stavanger to Oslo – which he will tell you is still the record.   Matt is 50 (in 2020), an Afghanistan veteran and married to Marianne.

Matt is a Subject Matter Expert to ISKGA in the areas of Sea Survival & Expedition Skills

Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
Advanced Planning
Advanced Skills

Coastal Guide Modules Passed

Coastal Guide Observation
Yes, Jeff Allen & Paul Cahill
Coastal Leadership
BCU 4 STAR LEADER ISKGA Coastal Leadership
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
Expedition Skills
First Aid
Food Hygene

Generic Modules Passed

Incident Management
Kristoffer Vandbakk

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
Norwegian Coast Guard & ISKGA Sea Survival
VHF license


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