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Enthusiast sea kayaker, with SK KAYAK has organized courses, workshops and trainings on kayak fishing, bird watching, kayak repairing, Skin on Frame construction and Greenland paddles.

Every year more than 2,000 people engage guided activities with SK KAYAK and the company provides gear rental, transportation and logistics to excursions and kayaking programmes to discover the culture and the magic spots of the Costa Brava and Cap de Creus Natural Parc.

Expeditions to Baja California, Greenland, Menorca, Galizia, Euskadi, Wales, Scotland, Mallorca, etc…

Love Bird watching (Seo-Birdlife Certified Guide) and love Diving (PADI Advanced & Rescue Diver).

RFEP – Wild Water River Guide (Sort – Catalan Pyrenees 2000)

RFEP – Sea Kayak Guide (Murcia – Spain 2012)

FCP – Sea Kayak Guide Coacher (Since 2013)

(RFEP = Spanish Canoe Union // FCP = Catalan Canoe Union)

Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
BCU 5* Training
Advanced Planning
Advanced Skills
BCU 5* Sea

Coastal Guide Modules Passed

Coastal Guide Observation
Coastal Leadership
BCU 4*
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
BCU 4*
Expedition Skills
First Aid
Food Hygene

Generic Modules Passed

Incident Management

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
VHF license


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