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Roddy is qualified as BCU 5 Star Leader (Sea) and is a Level 4 Coach. He can assess BCU 1, 2 and 3 Star sea awards.

His experience spans 30 years of sea kayaking and is evident in his knowledge of trip planning and expeditions. He is certified by the Centre for Outdoor Ethics as a trainer in Leave No Trace and an accredited Safe Wildlife Operator. In addition to journeying in Scottish waters he has paddled in such diverse locations as the Isles of Scilly, Shetland, the Mediterranean, and North West Iceland. He thinks journeys are made all the better by the great people we meet along the way.

Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide Observation
Advanced Leadership
BCU 5* Sea
Advanced Planning
Advanced Skills
BCU 5* Sea

Coastal Guide Modules Passed

Coastal Guide Observation
Coastal Leadership
BCU 4*
Coastal Planning
Coastal Skills
BCU 4*
Expedition Skills
First Aid
Rescue Emergency Care – Emergency First Aid (16 hours – 2 days)
Food Hygene

Generic Modules Passed

Incident Management

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Modules Passed

Sea Survival
VHF license

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