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Turku, Saaristomeri, FinlandTurku, Saaristomeri, FinlandAavameri is a Finnish Sea Kayaking company with one of the world’s most fascinating kayaking waters, the Finnish Archipelago Sea with its 50.000 islands, rocks and skerries, as its home water.

Most of the area where activities are arranged is within the Archipelago Sea National Park to which Aavameri is an official business partner. Because of the Finnish everyman’s rights, the expeditions that the company offers are popular, giving intermediate and advanced kayakers the possibility to do adventurous multi-day trips with fantastic camping possibilities around every corner. Aavameri also offers courses in the whole of Finland, Scandinavia and Europe.

Courses Offered

I.S.K.G.A modules, guide training, BCU, NSKA, FCU courses.

Aavameri offers training courses in: Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Sea Kayaking, ISKGA Leadership and Guide training Incident Management and Situation Awareness courses Coastal and Open Water Navigation courses Safety and Group Handling training and much more

Expeditions Offered

Expeditions to Scandinavia, Finland & United Kingdom

Services Offered

Aavameri is also a sea kayak rental and outdoor equipment provider, offering solo expedition support in the area, and arranges kayaking expeditions and courses around Europe.

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