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About Expedition Paddler:

Expedition Paddler Ltd is a company that has been running sea kayaking expeditions since 2010. Jeff Allen, the companies founder is also the founding director of ISKGA and founded the company Sea Kayaking Cornwall in 2003. Jeff has been expedition sea kayaking, coaching and guiding at a professional/commercial level since 2001 when he first started working as a sea kayaking coach at the Falmouth Marine school based in South Cornwall.
Jeff is a British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, trainer and assessor, a member of the technical sea committee and an ISKGA National Trainer and Observer, he is the course director for the ISKGA Guide Observation program.
Along with a strong team of technical advisers (TA's) and Subject matter experts (SME's) who have helped to author much of the ISKGA Syllabus, which is based on realtime experiences gained over many years of combined outdoor experiences.
Expedition paddler runs guide training programs all over the world and when at home in the United Kingdom, runs most of the ISKGA programs in Cornwall, Scotland and along the Northern coast of Ireland.

Courses Offered

Expedition Paddler offers the full range of ISKGA modules, Guide Training Programs and Observations. We also offer British Canoeing Leadership training and assessments up to the Advanced level and British Canoeing Guide Modules.


Fundamentals 1, 2 & 3

Combat rescues & extractions

Incident Management

Expedition Skills

Method of Instruction

ISKGA Leadership Training

Marine First Aid

Coastal & Advanced Navigation

British Canoeing

BC Sea Kayak Award Training & Assessments

BC Sea Kayak Leader Training & Assessments

BC Advanced Sea Leader Training & Assessments

Expeditions Offered

Expedition Paddler organises and runs expeditions all over the world, East Greenland, Alaska, Northern Norway, the Mediterranean, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Bespoke expeditions can be arranged, where your dream trip can come true with the experience of a professional sea kayak guide to prepare and accompany you on your adventure.

Services Offered

Expedition Guiding
Expedition Training
Skills Training (British Canoeing & ISKGA courses & Modules)
Assessments & Observations (British Canoeing & ISKGA certification)
Bespoke Training and expedition planning & Delivery

Additional Information

Jeff Allen is a very experienced British Canoeing Coach and ISKGA Guide with more than twenty years of professional experience, his personal expeditions include circumnavigations of Japan, South Georgia, Ireland and most of the Scandinavian Peninsula and he has guided and coached professionally all over the world.

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