High Tide Sea Kayak School

High Tide Sea Kayak School

National Training Academy


About This Centre

High Tide Sea Kayak School: Based in Switzerland – at home on the ocean.

 We are a team of professional sea kayakers, devoted to paddling and guiding on the seas of Europe. While being fully dedicated to adventure, as Switzerland’s National ISKGA Training Academy we always seek for the highest standard in quality and safety, and promote these values in the training of new paddlers and guides as well.


Being based in a landlocked county, obviously, we don’t run a static "centre" in Switzerland but are primarily nomadic, running course camps and expeditions on all seas of Europe.


Apart from all these camps, trips and expeditions, High Tide offers courses in Switzerland, including introductory and technical programmes, tide race training on our powerful Swiss rivers, or our famous "Greenland Summer Academy" rolling classes.

Courses Offered:

All ISKGA modules

BC Awards and trainings

Training camps in Italy, Spain, France and Sweden

Greenland rolling academy Switzerland

Introductory courses

Technical courses

Sea kayak surfing

Rescue and safety classes

Navigation, weather, tides, safety theory classes


Expeditions Offered

The typical regular stations of our annual nomadic cycle include premium sea kayaking destinations such as Elba, Jersey, Sardinia, Cantabria, Asturias and several places along the Northwest-Mediterranean coast from Cabo de Creus to the Côte d’Azur. However, each year we also organise new sea kayak trips and expeditions all over Europe, including Galicia, Sweden or Norway. Once international travel will be back to "normal" again, we will also resume our expeditions to Mongolia.



Services Offered:

Guide training and supervision

Private classes and coaching

Professional kayak repairs



Additional Information

At High Tide Sea Kayak School we strongly believe in cooperation, fairness, togetherness, gender equality, tolerance, and the maximum achievable level of ecological sustainability.

Courses Offered

ISKGA Modules & BC star awards and other kayaking/canoeing courses - offers training courses in: Introduction and Intermediate courses in Sea Kayaking, ISKGA Modules and specialist training

Expeditions Offered

Sea Kayaking trips and expeditions to destinations all over Europe as well as in Mongolia (for a current list, please refer to our website).

Services Offered

Additional Information

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