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About This Centre

Kayak4All was founded in 2005 as a sports club for those who love the sea, rowing,the environment and people. The founders of the club first encountered kayaks as a

tool for rehabilitation, some as those in need of rehabilitation and others as volunteer instructors.

In 2006 the club moved to the old Jaffo harbor and established a partnership with

the Zevulon Marine Organisation which incorporated Kayak4All- Zebulon as a registered non-profit organization to run the sea kayak club.

Kayak4All promotes rowing for all. We advance the sport and focus on the link

between man and our natural environment. The kayak is our means to demonstrate

by personal example that we are able to change, to educate and to contribute socially and environmentally.

The club members enjoy a sports club located in the beautiful old Jaffo harbor. Members have the use of all the club equipment and a large variety of sea Kayaks. In addition to regular rowing along the coast, club members enjoy kayaking in compact river kayak, Polo games and training sessions to improve competence. Training is held in the calm waters of Jaffo harbor and occasionally in a special training pool. These facilities are ideal for improving basic kayaking skills including the more advanced Eskimo roll.

Courses Offered

StartBeginners courses


Understanding kayak and equipment

Strokes forward, backward and sideways maneuvering kayak

Self rescue and assistance to a person in the water

Subsidies and surfing waves

Understanding the sea, knowing the winds and waves series

Duration: 10 hours | Cost: 950 NIS

Proposed group from 7 – 3 seek

Suitable for all ages from 12 years ago, the knowledge pool duty and good health

Annual subscription ** New Course ** included in the subscription cost

On Top Kayak Seat

Course introduction to the world of rowing and kayak seating for top (SOT)

Duration: 90 min | Cost: 200 NIS

Eskimo Roll

Rolling elements – Course Eskimo roll.

Rescue independent man who was paddle with a single tilting kayak.

Duration: 4 hours | Cost: 500 NIS

Seek advanced

paddler who wants improved capacity and matching pursuit driving at.

The course includes video analysis.

Cost: 150 per hour

Expeditions Offered

North to South shore of Israel Mediterranean

Dead Sea

Sea of gallilee

Services Offered

Changing/showers, Tours, Expeditions, Courses

Additional Information


Jaffa port, Tel Aviv – Jaffa Israel

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