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Outdoor Academy

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About This Centre

Outdoor Academy's is extremely proud in being able to offer the Outdoor Industry a two year wilderness guide training program which is aimed at developing guides who intend to work in the Nordic country’s and beyond and to that extent incorporates the ISKGA Syllabus into its sea kayaking module.

The centre also offers build on courses or deep dives for alumni and others with similar prior knowledge. Topics vary from avalanche technicians training to ISKGA generic modules etc

Courses Offered

Outdoor Academy offers generic, environmental and coastal ISKGA modules as part of the sea kayak specialisation during the second year studies.

Outdoor Academy also offers the full range of ISKGA modules in cooperation with Aavameri and Paddelboden.

Expeditions Offered

For expeditions in Finland please check out Aavameri which is an ISKGA Expedition Centre operating in Finland and throughout Scandinavia as well as annual trips to Cornwall in the UK and Paddelboden

Services Offered

For services such as rentals, guides and tuition contact Aavameri or Paddelboden

Additional Information

Outdoor Academy has been teaching guiding and coaching in the Nordic outdoors to the highest standards since 1995. The courses are run all over the Nordic country’s


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