Sea Kayak 59 Degrees North

Sea Kayak 59 Degrees North

National Training Academy


About This Centre

Providing Sea Kayaking experiences from complete beginner right through to advanced paddlers.Coached sessions, BC personal performance awards, guided expeditions, day trips and residential tall ship and sea kayaking experiences around Orkney and the Outer Hebrides.

Courses Offered

Paddle ExploreCoastal Sea Kayak AwardAdvanced Sea Kayak AwardTidal SkillsSurf SkillsMulti day expeditions

Expeditions Offered

Services Offered

CoachingLed tripsCamping expeditionsTall ship/ sea kayaking adventuresWildlife and historical kayak tours

Additional Information

We are all local based guides and have an in-depth knowledge of the local area and enviroment. I have sailed and fished on the seas around Orkney from my earliest memories and have a wide knowledge of not just the sea and the tides around Orkney but also the hidden gems that can only be explored from a kayak. there are countless historical site from Neoithic settlements, iron Aged brochs right up to WW2 gun placments and wrecks to explore from the sea.Learning to plan tidal journeys and master paddling in the tide is all part of our experiences.


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